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Top Reasons This Opportunity Will Change Your Life!

  • Our team will guide you through every step of the process from beginning to end
  • You will never have to worry about managing any of your properties
  • You get an extra $300 to $2,000 deposited into your bank account every month without you lifting a finger
  • Your real estate portfolio will be paid off entirely by other people
  • MASSIVE tax benefits!
  • Real estate is an appreciating asset that can make an average person wealthy over time
  • Our consultants will help you create a blueprint to establish financial freedom in your life
  • You will have a TON of fun!! ​​​​​​​


We are a military couple who have a passion for educating people on the power of real estate. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to build a successful real estate portfolio despite a market crash and multiple combat deployments that kept us apart, and now we are dedicated to paying it forward by helping fellow service members establish financial freedom.

Although we’ve flipped houses, wholesaled houses, generated Trust Deeds, executed Joint Ventures and many other types of investing, we specialize in helping people buy cashflow properties and build residual income over time. Our most recent program shows people how to take their lazy equity and use it to buy 2-7 rental properties that cashflow from the day they close escrow!

Although we enjoy investing and building our portfolio, we believe deeply in the power of education. Our mission is to spread free education across the nation, and in doing so, offer everyone a chance to change their lives and truly live the American Dream.

How It Works

Military members often get stationed at military bases, use their VA loan to buy a property, and then rent it out when they PCS. Over a few years as the property appreciates and the mortgage gets paid down, significant equity can build up on the property. Some service members have hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity stranded in their property and are only making a few hundred dollars a month in cashflow!
The sad thing is they typically have a strong desire to invest in real estate and they know their equity is valuable, but they don’t feel comfortable buying a bunch of rentals because they don’t know how to evaluate risks or find the right area, or even where to start in building a team. In short, they don’t know what to do. That’s why we started this program! We have an entire team that can take someone from start to finish in turning their Lazy Equity into cashflow. It goes like this:

  1. We identify how much equity you have in your property and the best way for you to capture it while limiting your tax liability. Often we structure it to where you don’t have to pay any taxes at all! (1031 Exchanges are amazing)

  2. We help you either refinance money out of the house at low-interest rates using lenders we have on the team, or we help you sell the property at top dollar using our expert real estate brokers.

  3. Once we determine exactly how much cash will be available for investing we help you identify several properties you would like to purchase that all have significant cashflow.

  4. After you choose the properties you like best, we place a hold on them until your cash is available and then we guide you through the escrow process, holding your hand the entire way!

  5. Once your houses are closed and you own them, we manage the properties with our seasoned management team that takes care of tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance, marketing, bookkeeping and a whole lot more…basically, they handle everything so you can just sit back and watch the rent deposits hit your account. ☺

  6. Now that you have a portfolio we help you design a long-term wealth-building strategy so that you can use your new-found education to establish financial freedom and (hopefully) educate others for free as well!

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